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Dear friends! team asks for those who likes vintage soviet industrial, construction and groundscare machinery to help us create walkarounds gallery. Our goal is to accumulate detailed walkarounds of such machines, including not only basic exterrior photos, but also detailed photos of internal and external units and mechanisms, allowing to capture fading representation of this interesting vehicles. In order to keep clear gallery structure we are going to post no more than one walkaround for each single vehicle model. So if you ready to publish your pictures in our gallery, please send us high res pictures, do not send us pictures, made by someone else, or pictures you got from different imageboards, also do not watermark your pictures. Your authorship will surely be specified, but in other way. Also we ask you not to send us poor quality, fuzzu pictures. We hope for your understanding. Send your walkarounds to Do not forget to declare your name, shooting place and date, if it is possible.
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